The Interview



Hey there,

Just catching up on the little to nothing that goes on with my personal music. Here is an interview I did for back in Dec 2012.

New Poem


I've been having alot of different things going on in my life lately. So I decided to write this poem. 


You found me at work

You dragged me into your world

I shoulda left after 6 months

But you dragged me in even more


13 Years Later

And you are nowhere to be found

But I know you are still around


You watch me when I eat

You watch me when I sleep

I didn't sign up for your holy war

But Im chained to you when I walk out the door


Jesus always saves me

From your devilish grip

All this shit pains me

And it's why you are a lunatic


Maybe I have a death wish

And maybe I just don't care

But your money cannot save you

When your sins are too much for you to bare


You may live to be 100

And I may not make it there

I'll see you in heaven or hell for the sequel

What will you do when you get there? 


-End poem

Flanders Nature Center Fun Times!!!


Fun time yesterday at Flanders Nature Center with String Band and friends. Lefty and I played a few songs; People are crazy, Jamband Girl (Nailpolish, Shoes, and Music), and Bob Marley's 3 little birds. Andy Colao played a great set and String Band rocked it as usual. Right before String Band came back on stage it was a real treat to play with Pete Partenio's (the Peace, Poetry, and Music studio engineer) daughter Lydia (on flute) for a version of hot cross buns. Here's a couple shots from the day below.........


                                                    Lydia playing Hot Cross Buns on Flute


                                             Sean with Andy Colao


                           Sean teaching the next generation how to drum


Here is the full set lists from all performers from the day........

New Songs and Updates


Hey all. I haven't been playing shows lately because I've been focusing on stuff. Quite a bit of things happening with that so I've been very busy. We also got a new website up for so be sure and visit it to check it out.

I have been writing more new songs however. Back in May I scored a couple tickets to the Strange Creek Music Festival in Greenfield, MA via DeadAir. I was feeling inspiried and wrote this Strange Creek Hype song......


Then just today I was watching a RobbieJam video on facebook and it brought some inspiration for me to write this song about the recent Supreme Court Decision to uplhold the Health Care Law Manadate............check it out below......

Again, I'm focusing on stuff and pretty overloaded with that right nothing is in the works at the moment for any shows. However, many things are bound to come up over the summer so stay tuned here for more info. And be sure and visit me on and the livebandstouring facebook

We'll see you guys out there at the shows.




          Pictured above: Sean and Eric Triffin at Soupstock in Shelton, CT

New Song


Here's a new song I wrote at the end of April........It's not on the Peace, Poetry, and Music album but hopefully will be on the next album I put out one day. It's called Love & Light........check it out at the link below.........